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Bird Control & Duck Removal

Birds are commonly seen feeding in the park or perching on a power line. When large numbers of birds collect, they can quickly create problems. Birds can be noisy and roosting habits and their frequent defecation may cause damage to structures and their contents. Starlings and pigeons are the two most common problem species in buildings. Starlings may cause nesting debris problems in warehouses, and pigeons have been known to carry multiple diseases that are dangerous to human beings. They have also been proven to carry several ectoparasites that are dangerous to people and pets. Pigeon waste can accumulate in massive quantities in a short period of time. This may occur in building overhangs, rooftops, signs, highway overpasses, bridges, and barns. Generally, birds are attracted to a food source or nesting cover. If you believe this may be the case, call us immediately, as our wildlife biologists are experienced bird removal and bird control professionals. Exclusion is the best method of control for bird problems. Bird netting, bird spikes, and roosting deterrents are effective methods. Although they may roost nearby, they will generally leave the area if the food source or nesting cover is removed or made unavailable.

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